About Us


SPEED Technology Group Co., Ltd. (SPEED GROUP) is a professional manufacturer that entered the gearbox industry earlier in China and a leading enterprise in the domestic transmission industry. It has a complete industrial chain production system and advanced production from environmental protection water treatment, industrial reduction gearboxes, dust removal equipment systems, and military and civilian UAVs. Technical equipment, strong precision transmission, independent research and development capabilities of aerodynamics, and complete quality control system.The main products-dust removal equipment rotary valve, reducer, environmental water treatment mixer, air flotation engineering equipment, military and civilian unmanned helicopters, industry fixed-wing vertical drones, The main supporting customers include Guomao Group, Tsingtao Brewery, China Railway, Shandong Sanjian, Baosteel, Jiugang, Baan Water, Jiangnan Water, Xingyu Wangda and many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises in the fields of machinery, environmental protection and aerospace.