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DF001 Tethered Emergency Multi-rotor UAV

Wind resistance,
safe and reliable,
easy operation,
with flight parameter record
  • DF001

DF001Tethered Emergency Multi-rotor UAV

Test flight video link:

Multi-rotor drone flight test video

Accessories: emergency landing battery, charger, remote control, packing box


Product parameters:

Six-rotor UAV

six-rotor uav

The multi-copter,high payload UAV with its durable structure is perfect for various mission

The maximum size of the whole machine: 1930mm Motor wheelbase: 1405mm;

★Normal take-off weight 11kg Maximum take-off weight: 18Kg

★Task load: ≥4Kg;

★Effective load factor: ≥0.4;

★Maximum level flight speed≥70km/h;

★Maximum ceiling: ≥5000m (take off at sea level);

★Maximum working altitude: ≥4700 meters, can take off, land, hover and fly normally

★Maximum flight time under normal weight: ≥70min;

★Load hovering time: ≥45min (3kg) ≥30min (5kg), maximum cruising range: ≥25km;

Parts 1:Surveillance camera


30 times tracking three-axis pod 3X-30

Working voltage 16V, adopt quick release structure

Working mode direction lock; heading following; camera facing down

Heading angle range 360° pitch -120°~30°

Gimbal yaw direction: ±130°

Angle control accuracy: ±0.02°

Focal length 20-35MM

Resolution: 4096*2160

Video 1080

Effective pixels 1280W

Day and night transition IR-CUT automatic

Weight: 350g

Part2:Handheld ground station image receiving control terminal


Handheld ground station control terminal adopts three-proof design, protection level PI54

With HDMI network port, SDI interface, dual serial port transparent transmission, support wireless RTSP video stream sharing

Working voltage; DC8.4V;

Battery capacity 4000mAH

Frequency range; 2400MHz-2483MHz

RF bandwidth; 8M

Receiving sensitivity; ≤-92dB

  Part 3: 3500T tethered ground station base station


Features: DC high-voltage winch cable system can realize automatic take-up and take-off and adjust the tension and speed of take-off and take-off wires. The accuracy of take-up and take-off and take-off can reach 0.01m in proportion to the aircraft with different take-off weights.

Cable length   110m

Output voltage   380-420V

Power (output)   3500W

Input voltage    220Vac 50Hz

Cable tensile strength   50kg

Take-up and pay-off system    automatic

Whether it contains optical fiber     (based on customer needs)

Weight    30KG

Part 4:3500W-48V on-board DC module  


   The main function of the power supply is to convert the input level to the low voltage used by the aircraft and output. The input voltage range is 380-410Vdc, and the output is 47.5Vdc-50.4Vdc/70A, with a rated power of 3500W; it has output overcurrent protection and output short-circuit protection. , Output over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection and other functions

 Part5: Tethered aircraft array searchlight


 This equipment is mainly used for night lighting of drones, especially for continuous lighting of tethered drones; Product advantages: 20~60vdc wide-range input, always-on automatic temperature control detection, will not burn lamp beads, light weight, high lumen, low power

 Part6:UAV management control APP software

1. It has remote command function, integrates air traffic control technology, and establishes a multi-level command and control architecture  User registration management, flight mission management

2. Remote one-key take-off and landing

3. Real-time monitoring and control of flight status, flight data storage and retrieval

4. Real-time scheduling of flight video data, video storage and query and download of video files

5. Map software service

6. Support video management, using standard H.264, H.265 image compression video decoding algorithm

7. UAV video storage and video file download and view

8. The real-time video system delay does not exceed 200ms

9. Wireless transmission of video data supports national standard encryption 3D online map / supports GOOGLE MAP, etc.

Support customization

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