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NFPA / USDA Rotary Airlock

Airlocks are also important in the pneumatic conveying industry, where product is regulated into a pressure or vacuum conveying line while minimising air leakage.
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NFPA / USDA Rotary Airlock

NFPA/USDA Dairy Accepted line of Rotary Airlocks are designed for use in sanitary applications in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where regular cleaning is required to prevent product contamination

Advantages of NFPA/USDA  Rotary Airlock valves

The product contact surfaces of the airlock are manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel and polished to a 150 grit finish, ensuring that there are no lodgement points allowing the product to flow smoothly. 

Furthermore, the airlock is equipped with a slide rail mechanism allowing for the quick and easy removal of the rotor from the airlock body. 

This addition substantially reduces the amount of downtime and man hours required for the cleaning and maintenance of the rotor and airlock internals.

Parameter information for NFPA / USDA Rotary Airlock valves

include eight-blade rotors, available square sizes of 3,4,6, 8, 10 or 12,14,18 inches,

cast iron or 304/316stainless steel , and direct drive gear-motors available in 9, 15 33 RPM.

Temperatures up to 716°F

Up to  +/- 2.9 PSI  pressure differential

Typical products used with a NFPA/USDA  Rotary Airlock

The NFPA/USDA  Rotary Airlock Series rotary airlock can easily manage many different applications and materials,

 including ammonium alumina, cement, charcoal, ground or instant coffee, whole or cracked corn and cornmeal, 

flax seed, fly ash, grain, whole or rolled oats, potassium carbonate, salt, soybeans, starch, sugar, sulfur and many others.

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