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Propeller Agitators

Most Propeller agitators have shafts that are mounted to a motor by way of coupling held by set screws, subjecting the motor and drive assembly to vibrations caused by mixing.
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Propeller Agitators For Chemical Industries

Agitators or stirrers come in a vast array of shapes and sizes, including marine propellers, foils, axial and radial flow turbines, gate and anchor stirrer/scrapers, etc. These different types of impeller blades characterize the flow produced and allow agitators to be used for the broadest range of viscosities and batch sizes.

Propeller Agitators used wherever it is necessary to produce strong axial circulation creating a vortex which facilitating the wetting and dissolving of powders (the effect of suction towards the bottom). They are perfect for producing suspensions.

In order to improve the mixing of low-wettability powders, the propellers may be perforated and for fibrous substances serrated propellers are used. Propeller agitators are high-speed agitators, in the 720 – 1420 rpm bracket, driven directly by an engine, which results in better performance of the power unit and lower investment costs.

Propeller agitators or stirrers are those of axial flow working at high speed and are used for low viscous liquids. The flow streams, starting from the agitator, move through the liquid until they are deflected by the bottom or walls of the tank. The propeller blades cut or vigorously rub the liquid with significant turbulence.

Scope of application: the food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries

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