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The first domestic drone inspection system for bridge slope maintenance is online

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The first domestic drone inspection system for bridge slope maintenance is online

On February 3, Renxin Expressway took the lead in launching the UAV inspection management system for bridge slopes in the country, and officially entered the UAV smart patrol mode, opening the "smart eye" for disease inspection on highways and escorting the Spring Festival transport.

Renxin Expressway is about 164 kilometers long, with a long line and a large volume. There are 127 bridges and more than 2,000 slopes. The opening of the "smart eyes" of the expressway can detect bridge and slope diseases in time, improve maintenance efficiency, and ensure the safe operation of expressways.


Self-inspection by multiple aircraft formations

High-speed surveillance cameras are the "eyes" of the highway, which can monitor various situations on the highway in real time. The traditional "eye of high speed" is difficult to fully discover the disease of the bridge slope, so most expressways use manual inspection to find the disease. The autonomous drone inspection system is equivalent to adding a "smart eye" to inspect highway diseases for road sections.

After the "Smart Eye" drone is launched, it can fly and inspect by itself according to the route and procedures set by the system. Through the Beidou satellite high-precision positioning technology, it can realize multi-aircraft coordination "no collision", and can also form a "bee swarm". "formation. The 3D building model constructed by the system provides visual management on the computer side for the staff. The inspection data can also be identified by artificial intelligence technology to establish an abnormal database and implement timing management. Solve the problems of lack of unified management of data, poor traceability, and dependence on labor for data analysis


Efficient and safe

Traditional manual inspections cannot accurately and timely discover the diseases of bridge slopes. Even if manual remote drone inspections are used, it is necessary to take pictures and upload them simultaneously, and then find diseases through pictures, which requires a large amount of operation and a high risk factor. After the "Wisdom Eye" self-patrol system is launched, it not only improves efficiency, but also reduces the past 4 staff to 2 people, reducing blind spots in inspections and making it safer.

After the "Wisdom Eye" is turned on, the staff only need to watch and wait, and the drone will automatically return after it takes off to complete the mission. If a disease is found during the inspection, the information will be directly transmitted to the back-end system, and after confirmation by the maintenance department, the disease treatment procedure can be started immediately.  

Take the Dengzhanshi Bridge with a total length of more than 700 meters and a pier as high as 70 meters as an example. Manual inspections must be carried out by bridge inspection vehicles above 50 meters above the ground. In addition to erecting equipment, two lanes must be closed and inspected at least once. It takes 4 days, which is costly, laborious and time-consuming." said Lan Jianxiong, deputy director of the Renxin Management Office, "Now you can use two (drones) for up to 1 hour to complete the expansion joints, piers and under-bridge drainage at one time. , Foundation scouring and other inspection tasks.


The Spring Festival Transport has arrived, and the Guangdong Transportation System continues to upgrade its intelligent services to ensure the safe operation of expressways and make passenger travel safer and more convenient!




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