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Medical Emergency Delivery Drone

Drone delivery of consumer items can ensure that people have access to food,Medical and other goods - and make it easier for citizens to keep to recommendations limiting human contact.

Medical emergency delivery drone ,work efficiently and save time for you  



1、What if the hospital is too far away from the blood bank when a large amount of blood products are urgently needed for surgery?

2、What if there is a cardiac arrest on the side of the road without a professional doctor or professional equipment?

★You must know that any medical problem that is not effectively resolved will evolve into complex and intense social conflicts. Therefore, people are constantly trying new methods and new ways to provide more timely and efficient medical services.

★The biggest advantage of medical drones is speed, which coincides with the requirements of medical emergency. For sudden diseases such as heart failure, drowning, trauma, and various respiratory problems, the first few minutes of onset are the golden time for rescue. If proper care is not received during this period, the patient is easily killed.



Jiangsu Speed Group Technology (Shengyan) Co., Ltd., the first domestic airline company approved to carry out commercial drone logistics and distribution services in cities, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to use drone technology to help the cold chain distribution of biological samples. It is reported that this is the first time that the third-party medical inspection industry has used drones to carry out biological sample cold chain logistics services. SPEED GROUP will use this low-altitude logistics and distribution service to form a multimodal logistics distribution service model. Through the flexible combination of multiple distribution modes, it will greatly improve the efficiency of medical examination sample distribution and open a new era of drone technology to help biological sample cold chain logistics.

As the leader of the third-party medical inspection industry, SPEED GROUP is the first to explore the cold chain logistics service of UAV biological samples based on its accumulated years of UAV platform research and development capabilities. By cooperating with Xunyi Technology to carry out the medical inspection drone biological sample distribution service, SPEED GROUP will build an exclusive air real-time logistics line to serve medical institutions, and use scientific and technological means to upgrade the laboratory and medical institutions from "information instant interconnection" to "Sample instant interconnection" greatly improves the timeliness of transportation.





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