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Delivery Drones Cargo Drone

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Delivery Drones Large Delivery Payload 5kg 10kg 20kg Heavy Lift Cargo Drone in Logistics Industry For emergency rescue

UAV distribution can not only greatly reduce distribution costs, but also improve efficiency and solve distribution problems in remote areas

The logistics drone is an unmanned low-altitude aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and its own program control device to carry packages and automatically deliver them to the destination. Its advantages are mainly to solve the distribution problems in remote areas and improve the efficiency of distribution. Reduce labor costs.

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Advantages of logistics drones1. Convenient and efficient, beyond time and space

Compared with ground transportation, drones have the advantages of convenience and efficiency, saving land resources and infrastructure. In some traffic paralyzed sections, congested areas of cities, and some remote areas, ground transportation is not smooth, causing the delivery of items or packages to take longer or more expensive than normal. Under certain circumstances and conditions, only UAV transportation can achieve "reachability", which cannot be replaced by other methods. In addition, logistics drones can effectively reduce the burden of ground transportation and save resources and construction costs through rational use of idle low-altitude resources.

2. Low cost, flexible scheduling

Compared with general air transportation and helicopter transportation, UAV transportation has the advantages of low cost and flexible scheduling, and can make up for the traditional air transportation capacity gap. As the demand for air cargo increases year by year, the number of licensed pilots and supporting resources, as well as the labor costs of pilots and crew members, have become restrictive factors for development. The cost of UAV cargo is relatively low, and the characteristics of unmanned driving can enable the airport to realize the intensive development of all elements in construction and operation management.




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