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Quickly-Easy Clean Rotary Airlock Valve

The new quick clean rotary airlock offers many advantages: Provides quick access to rotor and internal body surfaces for easy cleaning and inspection reducing maintenance and down time
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USDA certified Quickly-Easy Clean Rotary Airlock Valve

Speed’s Quickly clean Rotary Airlocks like USDA certified Rotary Airlocks are availableare designed for use in sanitary applications in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where regular cleaning is required to prevent product contamination.

Material and Installation

The product contact surfaces of the airlock are manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel and polished to a 150 grit finish, ensuring that there are no lodgement points allowing the product to flow smoothly. Furthermore, the airlock is equipped with a slide rail mechanism allowing for the quick and easy removal of the rotor from the airlock body. This addition substantially reduces the amount of downtime and man hours required for the cleaning and maintenance of the rotor and airlock internals.

Quickly clean Rotary Airlocks Advantage

such as a precision casting, CNC machining, compact design and universal mounting flanges allow for a versatile material handling rotary airlock valve product that can fit virtually every existing bolt hole pattern and replace any existing rotary valve.

Configuration Available for Quick Shipment

Self centering rotor and rail design for quick reassembly to maximize uptime

Rail design protects against dropping of the rotor in awkward locations

Quick and easy disassembly for inspection and clearing of jams or plugging

Being on rails saves on production downtime and reduces man hours.

Available in sizes from 3 inch through 18 inch

CNC machined components for precision clearances

Direct drive design which allows for fewer moving parts and no pinch points

Self-adjusting packing glands for continued packing pressure

Standard eight vane beveled tip design which provides relief so the rotor can travel smoothly through material

Rail design has 3X load capacity vs. competition

An inspection door can be fitted in the valve body that provides access and surveying of the valve internals to check for wear.

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