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Dust Collector Rotary Airlock Valve

The Dust Collector Series rotary airlock valve is a budget-friendly, economical choice for general use under dust collectors, cyclones and hoppers. and it is a lighter duty option for standard dust collection applications.
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What Is Dust Collector Rotary Airlock?

The Dust Collector Series rotary airlock valve is a budget-friendly, economical choice for general use under dust collectors, cyclones and hoppers. 

The standard features on our Dust Collector Series rotary airlocks are typically found only on heavy-duty airlocks. Eight can chose (6-12)-blade rotors, precision machining and rugged cast-iron housings all ensure an efficient operation from start to finish. 

The blade rotor provides two additional tips to seal against air leakage while heavy cast iron housing and end plates ensure maximum rigidity. Our Dust Collector rotary airlock feeder valves can easily be configured for most application requirements. Since our rotary airlocks are designed with larger pockets, for up to 50% more volume, they can run at lower speeds.

;This ensures longer life, less maintenance and a higher return on investment for your company. ”Speed“ understands that temperature plays a significant role in the operation of rotary airlocks, so we ensure that each of our products is carefully machined for actual operating temperature at no extra charge.

Other attractive features of the Dust Collector Rotary Airlock Valves :

flanges that are custom-drilled for the customer’s pattern at no additional cost,true-sized openings for maximized flow and ultra-close rotor and housing clearances for the best seal possible. 

Additionally, these rotary airlocks are convenient for any processing application as the in-board bearings are maintenance-free. 

A low height ensures easy retrofitting into other manufacturers’ rotary airlock spaces. The Dust Collector rotary airlock can be used for low temperature minimal pressure differential, dust applications that are not meant to feed product but instead act as an air seal.

These valves have been engineered and designed solely as a low cost alternative for applications with pressure differentials of 3 psi or less. Available in sizes from 2" to 18" with round and square inlet.

Dust Collector Rotary Airlock Valve Features and Benefits

Ultra close rotor/housing clearances for best seal

Cast iron construction

Heavy cast housing & end plates for maximum rigidity

Maintenance-free inboard bearings

Direct drive gear-motors (24 RPM)

blade rotors>6-12

Configuration available for quick shipment

Low height – easy retrofit into competitive airlock spaces

Temperatures up to 716°F

pressure 0.2Mpa  

Custom drilled flanges for customer’s pattern at no charge

Dust Collector Rotary Airlock Valve Options

Beveled Rotor Tips – Increases operating efficiency by minimizing drag and horsepower.

Motion Switch – A non-contact sensor that indicates loss of speed or zero speed, preventing damage to system components

Motor – For use in hazardous environments.

Flexible Rotor Tips – For handling stringy or fibrous products that cause conventional rotors to jamb

Typical products used with a Dust Collector Rotary Airlock

Baking Soda

Corn (Cracked)

Corn Meal

Corn (Whole)


Flour (Wheat)

Grain (Brewers)

Grits (Corn)

Hominy Meal

Hominy (Whole)

Kaolin Clay

Oats (Rolled)

Oats (Whole)

Orange Meal

Peanuts (Roasted)

Soybean Flakes (Raw)

Soybean Flakes (Spent)

Soybean Meal

Starch (Granulated)

Starch (Powdered)

Talcum Powder

Tobacco (Ground)

Tobacco Stems (Chopped)

Wheat Bran

Wheat (Buck)

Wheat (Cracked)

Wheat (Whole Grain)




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