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BLD/XLD Series Vertical Cycloidal Speed Reducer

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BLD/XLD Series Vertical Cycloidal Speed Reducer

Cycloid reducer’s the input shaft drives an eccentric bearing that in turn drives the cycloidal disc in an eccentric, cycloidal motion. The perimeter of this disc is geared to a stationary ring gear and has a series of output shaft pins or rollers placed through the face of the disc. These output shaft pins directly drive the output shaft as the cycloidal disc rotates. The radial motion of the disc is not translated to the output shaft.

Parameters Table

BLD reducer1BLD cycloid reduce 2

Advantages of cycloidal gearbox

They can start with zero backlash and high torque capacity while compact in size, unlike Involute gearboxes. These drives are useful in cases where you need very low speed with high torque capacity.

Technical Information

1. Large ratio: the ratio is 1/9-1/87 at single reduce, 1/99-1/7569 at two stage reduce, 1/2057-1/537399 at three stage reduce; and also can have combo reduce per requirement. 

2. High efficiency: because of rolling mesh at gearing, the average efficiency is over 90%. 

3. Impact size, light weight: With planetary transmission, the input and output shafts are in in same axel, and unit is combined with motor in line.

 4. Less problem, long working life; the main gearing parts were made by bearing steel, the unit has good machanical property, by rolling attrition, it's less problem and long working life. 

5. Stable reliable turning, the unit is working by teeth meshing, thus it works stable reliable and low noisy. 

6. Ease disassembly, maintaining: With professional design, the unit is disassembly and maintain easily. 

7. High overloading, attacking and less inertia torque, the unit can be used in case of frequency starting and reversing.




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