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Precision Agriculture Drone 30L Plant Protection Farm Crop Sprayer UAV


Precision agriculture Drone 30L professional Drone Sprayer Plant Protection Farm Crop Sprayer UAV

The variable spraying mode of agricultural drone flying speed adjustment spraying flow, electric multi-rotor, intelligent setting of altitude, speed semi-automatic flight and program-controlled automatic flight with only auxiliary battery replacement and pesticide addition; operating distance from several hundred meters to several It varies in kilometers, and the operation methods include manual operation by the flight controller, semi-automatic operation, computer program/mobile APP control, etc.

3D Dimensions



Arm and propellers unfolded:2153x1753x800 mm

Arms and propellers folded:1145x900x688 mm

Max diagonal wheelbase:2153 mm

Spray tank volume:30 L

Spreader tank volume:40 L

Flight Parameters


 Suggested Configuration

· Flight controller(Optional)

· Propulsion system:X9 Plus and X9 Max

· Battery:14S 28000mAH intelligent battery

Total weight (Excluding battery)

· 26.5 kg

Max takeoff weight

· Max spraying takeoff weight:67 kg(at sea level)

· Max spreading takeoff:79 kg(at sea level)

Hovering time

· 22min (takeoff weight of 37kg with a 28000Mah battery)

· 8min (takeoff weight of 67kg with a 28000Mah battery)

Max Spray width

· 4-9m(12 nozzles,at a height of 1.5-3m above crops)


The spray range of the UAV system's ultra-low altitude aerial chemical plant protection operations can reach 4-8 meters, and the flying speed is about 0-12 meters per second..

The average operation time per acre is less than 1 minute. The workload is 40-90 times that of traditional manual spraying. An agricultural UAV system can completely replace 40-90 labors.

The plant protection drone system sprays 1-3 meters above the crop to avoid drug drift, increase the area of the drug, and reduce the use of pesticides by 50%.  

The downward air flow generated by the drone rotor further increases the fog. The penetrability of the flow to the crops. When the crops are agitated by the air flow, the leaves will receive the medicine evenly, which greatly increases the spraying effect.  




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